Plastic Mold Manufacturing and Injection Molding Manufacturer in China

GDXmold is a professional manufacturer providing customers with one-stop services from product development, mold design and manufacturing and injection molding to finished product processing. It has a bright and spacious 2,000-square-meter modernized standard factory building, advanced equipment throughout the factory, senior product structure designers, mold designers, mold makers and other technical personnel, as well as senior management staff. Technical talents, the use of advanced CAD/CAE/CAM computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, rich experience in mold design and manufacturing and advanced mechanical processing equipment provide high-quality quality assurance for product processing and manufacturing.

GDXmold commitment to every GDX customer is “high efficiency, high quality, high quality, and on-time delivery”. We hope to win your trust through our professional technology and excellent service.

Behind the Numbers


Number of countries served


Monthly injection molding capacity


Monthly mold production

24 Hours

Engineer one-to-one online matchmaking

25-45 Days

Quick delivery of molds

3-7 Days

Prototype mold 3-7 days fast delivery


Minimum order quantity


We make molds for up to 1600 tons injection machines

Partner Companies

Jabil、Zebra、Lenovo、Mindray、hannto、BGI、UBTECH、KONE、LiteOn、Konica Minolta、Leputai、Bellis、Brother

Realize Your Product Ideas

At GAODEXIN, we have a team of professional international engineers who will work with you one-on-one and manufacture solutions. We offer services ranging from product development, mold design and tooling, plastic injection molding and a range of finishing and assembly manufacturing to support your product development needs and bring your product ideas to life.  If you are ready to start your next project, please contact us today for a quote.

Injection Mold Manufacturing

We make all types of molds including insert mold, over mold, unscrewing mold, and multi-cavities mold. We can provide customers with dimensions of 1.5 meters and weight within 20 tons of mold. Using a variety of compounds according to our client's requirements to produce articles ranging from simple to the complex with Breitling emergency replica short lead times.

Plastic Injection Molding

Machines from 45T -600T/ 4-75 oz. shot repeatability. A to Z in-house capabilities. ISO 9001:2008 certified & lean manufacturing. Capable of handling single component projects or multiple part programs & producing simple to complicated tight tolerance parts. Capabilities include part design & engineering, low volume & short run production; ITAR compliant.

Our Range of Services

Auto Parts Plastic Mould

Electronic Parts Plastic Mould

Home Appliance Parts Plastic Mould

Plastic Mould for Medical Appliance Parts

Kitchenware Parts Plastic Mould

Overmolding Plastic Mold

Insert Plastic Mould

Industrial Parts Plastic Mould

Cold/hot Runner System Mould

Gas Assist Mould

Prototype Mould

Plastic Moulds / Tooling

2k / Two Color Injection Molding

Small Volume Injection Molding

High Volume Injection Molding

Our Partners

Our Advantages

Professional Engineering Team

We have a professional engineering team, half of which have more than 10 years of experience in the mold industry, especially in injection molding industry molds, plastic products, CNC, 3D printing.

Good Quality and Cheap Price

We have the quality management system of a Japanese company and the production cost control of China, which can help you save 30%-40% than others.

One-stop Service

We provide mold design and 3D printing service. We have 20 sets of injection molding machines and 5 assembly lines, we can provide one-stop service for production operation and finished assembly processing.

Good after-sales Service

We provide good service within 5 years after customers receive the molds. Half of our customers have worked with us for more than 8 years and still trust and satisfied with us.

Advanced Equipment

We have a series of advanced imported machines, such as Sirui three-dimensional, two-dimensional testing equipment, precision milling machine, drilling machine, CNC, precision wire cutting, lathe, precision mirror spark machine, ordinary spark machine, precision grinding machine, plastic products injection production machine Haitian 90-160T, Nissei motor 280 tons-360T, etc.

Fast Delivery Time

We have two shifts per day in our mold workshop. Each working time is 8 hours, we can make a prototype mold in 7 days and a complex mold in 3-6 weeks.